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What is Hernia?

A hernia is a abnormal protrusion of the organ through the wall in which it resides.

What are the common location of hernia?

Groin, Umbilical, Incisional ( Previons scar site ).

What are the symptoms of hernia?

Hernia symptoms are:

Abnormal bulge in the Groin and Umbilicus region which generally goes back in lying down position. In late stages the swelling will not go back.

Dragging Pain.

In severe cases vomiting and nausea, Fever, Redness on the bulge.

What happens if hernia is not operated?

Hernia if not operated may lead to serios conditions called obstruction and strangulation. Which may lead to serios morbidity and sometimes mortality if timely health care is not available.

What are treatment options for hernia?

Open Mesh surgery and Laproscopic mesh surgery.

What is the care to be taken after hernia surgery?

You are not supposed to lift weight for few months. No straining in the stools or during urination. Brisk walking is allowed. you can get back to work in a fortnight.

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