Day Care Surgeries in Hyderabad

Day Care Surgeries

What are Day Care Surgeries?

With the advent of latest technology many surgeries are converted into day care surgery. A day care surgery dont require admission in hospital no stay, quick recovery, reduce the cost of hospital stay. List of procedures done under day care.

Other General Surgical procedures

A thyroid swelling or goiter can be benign or cancerous. Your doctor examines and performs few tests like FNAC and Ultrasound to find out the nature of swelling. Based on the reports a hemithyroidectomy ( Removal of half of thyroid gland ) or a total hemithyroidectomy ( Complete Gland Removal ) is performed.


A parotid gland swelling occurs onthe neck below the ear. Parotid tumor have high tendency to become malignant. Get it removed before it is too late.


Diabetic patients have high tendency of infections. It commonly affests the legs. In a diabetic foot there are three reasons for poor healing


Poor Circulation

Decreased Resistance to infaction

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Cancer Surgeries

Head and Neck Cancer

Throat Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Colo-Rectal Cancer

Note: All cancer Surgeries are performed along with a team of surgeons in our associated hospitals.

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