Breast Lumps Treatment in Hyderabad

Breast Lumps

What are breast lumps?

Breast lumps in the women are common problems seen in both young and elder people. A lump in the breast may be benign or cancerous.

How to detect breast lumps?

Self examination of breast regularly on your own finds out any abnormal lumps in the breast. Self examination of the breast in combination with screening tests increases the possibility of finding early Breast Lumps.

How is self breast examination done?

Looking in mirror with arms on your hips. See if both breast are usual size and shape and color. See for any visible distortion or swelling or dimpling or change in the position of nipple.

Raise your arms and look for any of the above changes.

Check for any discharge coming out of nipple.

Lie down, using right hand check left breast and then with left hand right breast check for any hard lumps. Use your flat of fingers in a circular motion and check all the quadrants.

Feel the breast in standing position move your hand in circular motion and check all the breast quadrants.

What to do if a lump is felt?

Visit your doctor immediately. All the lumps in the breast should be investigated. Majority of the lumps in the breast are non - cancerous but a confirmation by the doctor is necessary.

How will doctor confirm the breast lumps as cancerous or non - cancerous?

A set of investigations along with physical examination is necessary to confirm the diagnosis. they include, FNAC, corebiopsy, sonomammogram, PET-CT your doctor decides what type of investigations is necessary.

What are the treatment options for Breast Lumps?

Based on the stage and nature of the cancer a multimodel approach is followed. They include Surgery, Chemo Therapy, Radio Therapy, Hormonal Therapy.

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